MAYPRO Machinery production for the pallet and reel industry.
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Machinery manufacture for pallet industry


  • Nailer of 2 and 4 ways pallets with guns and feeder for 1000 nails.
  • LCP-2 can nail covers, block pallets , 2 ways simple and reversible, whole pallet covered, etc.. with only one worker.
  • In this machine, the worker places the cross board in the clinchers bases which they approach him in order to be placed. In this way with only one worker we can make a pallet until 2m long. Then the machine let the boards falls and nail at the same time. Once the cover is finished is placed on the top of the legs in a automatic way which will be placed in the opposite side. Finally the machine join the cover with the legs with big nails.
  • Two kinds of guns for big and small nail, folding flip over for 2 ways pallet, easy extraction guns.
  • With LCP-2 the change of the pallet is only a matter of minutes, ideal for small series..
  • It incorporates one or two boards feeder for pallets that have two boards width.
  • The maximum measurements of the pallet are 2mts x 1,3mts.
  • With a solid and innovative design LCP-2 is ready for a non-stop activity with a minimum maintenance.
  • This machine can be configurated depending on each customer, please feel free to consult for differents options.
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