MAYPRO Machinery production for the pallet and reel industry.
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Machinery manufacture for pallet industry


  • Pallet nailing line of 2 and 4 ways, perimetrics and similars.
  • LCA-1 is composed by 1 hydraulic nailer of continuos cycle, in this line the already nailed legs can be placed and in this way to finish the pallet in the nailer, it exists another system, even if there are 2 or 4 ways, that with a table of automatic elevation we nail the low part by guns.
  • Flip Over
  • Elevator table to nail the pallet for the low part.
  • Branding machine of 2 and 4 ways.
  • ¼ Turn
  • Flip over
  • Stacker-Offset with cutting corner integrated, the stacker can be of different types, with simple subjection, with doble subjection, for big pallets dimension, hydraulic and pneumatic.
  • Finally there is the exit storage transfer with remote control.
  • The regulation of the whole line is done by means of color tactile screen, integrated in the control panel and the geared motors with positioners placed in each module.
  • With a solid and innovative design LCA-1 is ready for a non-stop activity with a minimum maintenance.
  • This machine can be configurated depending on each customer, please feel free to consult for differents options.
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