MAYPRO Machinery production for the pallet and reel industry.
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Machinery manufacture for pallet industry


  • Semiautomatic nailing line, this line is composed by 2 nailing tables with 2 clinchers sets, brandings for 2 and 4 ways pallets, ¼ turn and flip over , stacker with corner cutter incorporated, offset option and piles exit transfer with remote control for quick evacuation.
  • In S1 can work 1, 2 or 3 workers depending on the kind of pallet and the required production.
  • With a durable design S1 is ready for a non-stop activity with a minimum maintenance.
  • This line can be produced in straight or at 90º.
  • This machine can be configurated depending on each customer needs, please feel free to ask for differents options.
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